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 SDLC_Requirement Definition for Case Study 2

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Thành Viên tích Cực

Tổng số bài gửi : 193
Age : 31
Đến từ : Dãy thiên hà_Trái đất_Châu Á_Việt Nam_TpHCM ^_^
Registration date : 18/05/2007

Bài gửiTiêu đề: SDLC_Requirement Definition for Case Study 2   20/05/07, 11:57 pm


Problems from College

Students have received wrong information about courses.

Commencement dates of courses have been changed randomly.

Enrolled students have trouble accessing information and updates.

Queues for submission of application are getting longer and longer.

It is a long commute for anyone supplying because Grant’s campus is located in the suburbs.

A minor fire broke out in the office and lot of in-process applications perished.

Problem from Student’s Council

Do not get enough quality time with Professors.

The current curriculum is outdated.

The Professors, in turn, state tedious, bureaucratic procedures as the primary culprit.

Everything from College Literature to the House colors teems with antique value.

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Thành Viên tích Cực
Thành Viên tích Cực

Tổng số bài gửi : 193
Age : 31
Đến từ : Dãy thiên hà_Trái đất_Châu Á_Việt Nam_TpHCM ^_^
Registration date : 18/05/2007

Bài gửiTiêu đề: Re: SDLC_Requirement Definition for Case Study 2   21/05/07, 12:00 am


Suggest online course complete with course details.
Give the detailed information about staff members.
Set up the online registration facility to help streamline the system.

Provide all the course details and articles related to it on the web.
Take advantage of the electronic books, stories, poems in library à help all student can read the articles simultaneously.

Prof. Waterson:
Provide a forum where the student can share their problems with their professor. à Know how far they have succeeded in imparting knowledge to our students
Provide email facility.

Prof. Elliot:
Make a list of all such probable questions and then provide answers --> This way there will be no ambiguity about the way things work in college.

Prof. Jones:
Get in touch with our old students and have them share their experience at Grant College.

Sally Slater:
Students and Professors have equal access rights to the website. à Avoid the unmonitored and conflicting information about the College and its activities.

Janet Fields:
Provide some sort of help in using the website.. maybe in the form or frequently asked questions.. à using the website effectively.

Thomas Moore:
Update the Information brochure and the Students handbook.
Provide students with a facility to access some lecture notes on related course content.

Roger Cook:
Upgrade the face of the College about colors, customs and language included à make students identify and ‘belong’ to the College.

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SDLC_Requirement Definition for Case Study 2
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